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The Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) of Missoula County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Montana corporation dedicated to increasing public access and availability to high quality conflict resolution services, regardless of income. Conflict resolution is a non-adversarial problem-solving process that is facilitated by a mediator. It complements the justice system by relieving the courts, making it more efficient, and by facilitating greater access to justice. 

Our Mission
To educate and empower people to resolve conflict through mediation, dialogue and collaboration.

Our Vision
We envision a day when mediation is a first response to conflict and people learn effective dispute resolution skills as a part of life. We work toward a time when people understand mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques and look to the CDRC as an accessible and trusted source of training and assistance. We want our volunteers, staff, and Board members to feel a profound sense of accomplishment for the services they provide our community, and would like for the community to feel pride in the work of the CDRC.

Our Volunteers
The CDRC is comprised of a corps of volunteer mediators who help community members resolve their conflicts face-to-face in a number of areas: small claims, civil, contracts, landlord/tenant, neighborhood and family. Volunteer mediators have all completed general mediation training as well as live observations and co-mediating with more experienced mediators. Volunteers who mediate parenting plans have completed additional training in family mediation.

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