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We Strengthen Our Community with Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

The CDRC of Missoula County provides access and availability to alternative dispute resolution services to all Montanans, regardless of income. We facilitate the process of citizens helping citizens resolve conflict through mediation trainings and by providing high-quality services to relieve the court system and bridge the justice gap.

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Mediation is a collaborative problem-solving process where individuals and groups resolve their conflicts with the help of a neutral third party known as a mediator.  The mediator facilitates fair and equal communication so the disputing parties can work toward negotiating a solution.  

Mediation provides parties with the opportunity to re-establish communication, craft their own solutions, and, if necessary, develop processes for dealing with future conflict.  Mediation focuses on solving problems, not fixing blame. It empowers parties to create their own solutions.  Mediation is less costly and less time-consuming than going to court.


Additionally, mediation complements the traditional justice system by making it more efficient.  The famous Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said, "Courts should be where disputes end, after alternative methods have been explored, not where resolution of disputes begin." Accordingly, mediation is an excellent first option for resolving disputes.  It is less costly, time-consuming, and less provoking for individuals than litigation, while it relieves the public court system from excess burden. 


What is Mediation?

Watch Mediation in Action


“Mediation enables  both parties to have a voice while working together to manage the outcomes of civil matters without further court involvement.   Through mediation the CDRC facilitates restorative justice and is a valuable resource for Missoula County Justice Court.”

- Missoula County Justice of the Peace Landee N. Holloway

Very informative and helpful. I appreciate the professionalism and fairness of the mediator. Thank you!

- Client

The CDRC does a wonderful service for the community. The process felt very productive.

- Client 

I was unaware of the mediation process. I think its a great opportunity for resolution! Volunteers were very helpful.

- Client

Is Mediation for Me?

All disputing parties must be willing to participate in conflict resolution. 

Family Disputes
Tenant/Housing Disputes
Workplace Disputes
Group Conflict Resolution
Meeting Facilitation

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